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Beeline with you

Client: Beeline Uzbekistan

Format: Corporate event

Venue: SEC Humo Arena (Tashkent)

Year: 2022

This celebration has become the largest corporate event in the history of Uzbekistan and Beeline Uzbekistan in particular.

The format of the event: a combination of an enchanting concert show on two stages, a lavish banquet with bar all around the skating rink and an official award ceremony for employees.

What we’ve done

The American bar of the 60s served as inspiration for us when working out the design of the area and creating an atmosphere of simpleness and an inimitable retro style.

Musicians, host and entertaining staff have chosen outfits in style of rock’n’roll and pin-up. Live-bands were performing famous blues and rock’n’roll genres songs.


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    June 3, 2023

    Beeline with you

    Формат мероприятия: сочетание фееричного концертного шоу на двух сценах, роскошного банкета с баром вокруг катка и официальной церемонии награждения сотрудников.


    Организовать внутреннее мероприятие, посвященное корпоративному освежению и отдыху

    • Strategy

      Корпоративное мероприятие

    • Design

      Хумо Арена

    • Client

      Beeline Узбекистан


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